About the book

about the book

Elephant Footprints BookThis treasure of a book is the soul touching journal of Game Ranger and Wilderness Trails Guide Nicola Schwim, who lived in the Addo Park of South Africa for many years, and was so obviously and deeply touched by everything this fantastic wildlife area is.

Peppered with history and factual stories of the region, the Park and the old Gorah Farm, Nicola’s beautiful writing style makes one fall in love with this place, over and over again.

Along with a stunning portfolio of the most incredible wildlife photographs, the book is a captivating compilation of elephant spirituality, wildlife stories, myths, legends, elephant graveyards, and unbelievable tear jerking memories of a lifetime.

The Chapters include:
• The Tusker in My Dreams
• My Journey Begins
• My Spiritual Experiences with the Elephants of Addo
• The Elephant Era of My Time
• Gorah Elephant Camp Today
• History of Gorah
• The Addo Elephant National Park – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
• Myths, Magic and Mysteries of the Greater Addo Region
• Epilogue

This 450 page leather-bound masterpiece, is a very limited edition.
If any book deserves a place on the coffee table, it is this one.

Only 1000 copies available.

Friends of Switzerland sponsor Elephant Footprints book

My wife Franzi and I fell in love with South Africa, Gorah Elephant Camp in particular, several years ago and it has been an African Dream since then.

We met Nicola Schwim in 2005 when she was our guide at Gorah for the first time, since then, we have met our friend on a number of occasions, both in South Africa and in our home country Switzerland.

On a return visit in 2012, to our now second home, the Gorah, Nicola and I spoke about her desire to reprint the second edition of an expanded “Elephant Footprints”. I was immediately enthusiastic.

We joined forces to make the dream a reality; and here it is.

We have grown a deep love for this country, the nature of her wilderness, and especially her people. We are proud that we could be a part of this project.
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Michael Bader, Attorney-at-law
November 2013
Berne, Switzerland

about the author

Nicola SchwimNicola Schwim qualified as a Game Ranger in 1999. After spending a few years in different wilderness areas in South Africa, she arrived at Gorah Elephant Camp in 2002 where she spent several years guiding in, studying and experiencing the Addo bush.

During this time, Nicola achieved her SKS Qualification (Special Knowledge & Skills), as well as an Assessorship enabling her to train Rangers/Guides for Wilderness Trails.

These chapters include the experiences and stories Nicola documented in her journals over the years while guiding, working and training in the Addo Elephant National Park over the past decade.