Meeting the Elephants

Having dealt with rather aggressive elephants in many other biomes, I am shaking at the knees before the young bull is even at thirty meters. He on the other hand isn’t aware that I am near. Or if he does, shows no indication that he does. He grazes peacefully at the soft green grass, tearing […]

I arrive at Gorah…Addo National Park, Eastern Cape

I arrived at Gorah in the middle of the winter of 2001. I must be honest I arrived with great reservation…in the sense that up until now I was finding it very hard to fit into a male dominated arena (mostly shovenist..or camelman mentality) and I admit, although loving the subject, I was seriously wondering […]

First Steps into the Wild…

My Name is Nicola, I was a Game Ranger for many years, and although in the line of Ecosystems Intelligence and Training now, I still often look back on the amazing collection of memories and stories I experienced during my time in the field. I started my training in the Kruger Park area, the one […]

Welcome to Elephant Footprints Blog spot!

We are excited to add this new addition of a Blog spot to our Elephant Footprints Book website, where we can share with you more on hand information about our author, some up to date Addo wildlife experiences, comments and a whole range of interesting tales related to our book. Have you got a copy […]